Hello, reader, my name is Renee J. Branson. While not my real name, you might be fascinated to know that I choose this specific name for a reason. Renee comes from the French word meaning reborn. I picked this because in a way I have lived two very different lives. The J. in the middle refers to Robert Jordan who I’m a long time fan of. Finally, the last bit of my name was picked at random and holds no meaning at all.

I’ve always loved the Fantasy genre as a whole. Lord of the Rings was perhaps the first exposure to Fantasy that I had and I immediately fell in love. From there I would grow up to enjoy telling stories (I became my own personal bard) and at least until I graduated from High School, I wanted to Video Game Design work. However, it wouldn’t be long until I found my passion for the written language and would start my first book.

Currently, I live in West Virginia where I work primarily doing Customer Service of some kind. I hope to eventually shake these bonds and move on to teaching once I have my Masters Degree. In the meantime, however, I’m trying to publish my first work.

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