Writing Tips 1-1: Introduction


Hello everyone Renee here. So as the title suggests I thought it would be interesting to share some writing tips here. However, I want to do more than just share tips. I also want to build a foundation to a grow a community. To this end, I don’t just want to share tips on writing but create a place were writings can talk and share advice of their own.

The reason I want to do this is that I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of teaching. This combined with my interests in writing has taken me down a road of wanting to teach writing. To meet this goal I’m about to finish a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. However, thanks to my Seminar in Writing Instruction (How to Teach Writing in common terms) class, I thought why wait?

How This Works

Basically, I will make a blog post at least once a week that has something to do with an aspect of writing or answering someone’s question that is based on writing. From there, any discussion can be taken to an online forum or through a discord channel.  What is great about this is anyone can participate as long as they have access to the internet. Even better is, if life gets hectic and someone can’t participate for a while the blogs, forums, and chatroom will still be there.

Sadly, though due to financial reasons, I cannot afford to integrate a forum with WordPress. Therefore, we will have a forum offsite. While this is not ideal I will leave a link in every blog post (at the bottom) and on my website to the link so it is easily accessible. Perhaps in the future, we can have everything accessible in one spot!

Why Do This?

I’m aware many writing groups already exist. Trust me when I say I have no desire to split any communities, but I want to try something new. Something that is not focused on critique or on one person just giving out information.  Although being a bit new to the online writing community myself, I’m not sure if anything like this exists already. If it does I’m willing to work with other communities to be bigger and stronger, just send me a message either through a comment or email!

On another note, I just want to see a place where people can come together as writers and perhaps as readers too, and together build a place where people can feel more confident in their writing, and have a headstart on reaching their dream of seeing their book published.

For now, I bid thee all a fair day.

Link to Forum (Writing Group): http://thewritingtalk.freeforums.net/

Link to Discord Channel: discord.gg/vWfjMax



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