Dealing With Mental Problems

Ever struggled with mental problems? In reality, most people have. The ADAA actually reports that about 6.7 percent of adults suffered from Major Depression at least sometime during 2015. That may seem like a small number, but when you begin to consider that this is only one type of mental disorder and only one category of depression, the fact is; it’s huge. So please don’t feel alone, no matter with what you struggle with.

The reason I bring this up is that ever since I was eighteen (now twenty-six) I’ve struggled with major depression. I’ve been on medication and off of it, and I’ve contemplated suicide. Again I know a lot of people have. So again you are never alone.

In fact this past week I was thinking of suicide again. That notion alone kept me from writing, from working on my website or doing anything with this blog.  That was frustrating. I felt like I wasted a lot of time which could have been used to further my goals and dreams. However, when I stopped to think about, I needed that time.

So if you are struggling with trying to find time to write or work on something for yourself just remember that perhaps you need this time for you. What good does pushing yourself to meet a goal do, if you only end up more depressed? I know writing is hard and for any fellow writers out there, hang in there. Your time will come.

With that being said if anyone reading this is contemplating suicide, I urge you to reach out. Every life is important and just think of the people who will miss you. If you say “nobody will care if I’m gone” then think about all the things you could do and would have done that would have made someone else’s day a little better. If even one person benefits from your life, it is worth it. I’ll leave a few links and numbers below if you need someone to talk to.

Please also note that the resource below is for everyone. If you feel afraid to call because of your circumstances or who you are, please be assured that no matter who or what your circumstances are, they can help. Sometimes, all we need to know is that someone cares. And if it helps, I care and I’m sure you’ll find many people do.

Take care, everyone!

Suicide Hotline-

Phone Number: 1-800-273-8255

Online Chat:


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